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SwissLinQ - Swiss Army Knife Keychain Holder

SwissLinQ - Swiss Army Knife Keychain Holder

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Ever try to use your small Swiss Army Knife while attached to the other keys on your keyring?

The patent-pending SwissLinQ allows you to dock your Swiss Army pocket knife on your keyring with a quick detachment method to allow you to use your tool without your keys getting in the way!

Made as a Swiss Army Knife Keychain holder to fit like a glove with barely any extra material so that it won’t add any bulk to your keyring.

The patent-pending SwissLinQ is compatible with the following small Swiss Army Knives:

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Classic
  • Classic SD Swiss Army Knife
  • Victorinox SD Classic
  • Victorinox Jetsetter
  • Victorinox Rally

Complete the look with a SwissQlip, A SLYDEX EDC Wallet or one of our multitool sheaths.

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