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EDC Storage Case & Dump Tray

EDC Storage Case & Dump Tray

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Tired of your EDC crowding your pockets, getting lost in your bag or need something to carry your gear on the go? We’ve developed the perfect solution to your everyday carry woes. Featuring grid style silicone beaded straps for a secure and customized carry; the EDC case carries your gear the way you want it. The integrated dump tray* serves as a perfect spot to empty your essentials after at the end of the day or to stage tomorrows carry. Carrying on the go? The EDC case is made of high quality EVA foam to protect your gear as you travel. 

  • Keeps hardware organized, secure & safe
  • Grid style silicone beaded stripes for a customizable carry
  • Integrated EDC dump tray*
  • Loop attachment point for hook backed patches
  • Showcase Your Knife Collection
  • Constructed of high quality EVA foam

Magnum Dimensions & Weight
10.5” x 7” x 4”
1 lbs 8.4 oz (empty)

Adequate Dimensions & Weight
8.5" x 6" x 2.5"
13.1 oz (empty)

Complete the look with a minimalist Slydex Wallet, the SKRAWL Tactical EDC Pen or one of our Kydex Multitool Sheaths.

*only available on the Magnum model


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