7 things you can do with a Multitool! Clip & Carry

7 things you can do with a Multitool!

Have you ever wondered why multitools are such a staple in the Everyday Carry (EDC) scene? It’s simple really. A multitool has a number of functions you can use every day. As a bonus, most multitool enthusiasts opt for a sheath or pocket clip too. Sheaths offer protection and easy attaching to your belt, car, or tools.

When you have a good multitool with you, you’ll never be without a pair of scissors, a knife, or even a simple screwdriver. However, these tools have a multitude of other uses that may not all come to mind, so we created a list of our favorite multitool uses.

1. Bend/cut/grip wires

Now this one is less common, but when you have wires that need to be worked with, a multitool is perfect. You can use the tool’s needle-nose pliers for this - perfect for holding, bending, and/or molding it in whatever way you need. The multitool’s pliers are perfect for all your DIY wire jobs.

2. Cut/saw rope and wire

The next thing we're putting on our list is a more common one. If you have some rope, string, wire, or something similar to cut, your multitool has you covered. Most multitools come with a normal knife, a serrated knife, and wire cutters. If you’ve ever found yourself looking for wire cutters and have been unable to find them, get yourself a nice multitool. Keep it in your pocket daily, and look no further!

3. Cut through thin materials with scissors

Another simple use of a multitool is cutting. Typically the scissors included can only handle thin materials for cutting through. However, a simple pair of scissors is needed more often than most people think. Some use cases of a multitool’s scissors include helping open new products, fixing clothes, or working with general DIY crafts. Instead of trying to rip something with your hands, use that pair of scissors for a nice clean cut.

4. Open cans/bottles

Let’s say you’re out camping with some canned food only to realize you don’t have a can opener. If you have your multitool with you, you’re covered! With a multitool you’ll have a can opener with you at all times. Even better, maybe you have a beer and need to open it? Your multitool has you covered again! Whether it's outdoors or in the kitchen your multitool can help you with most of your opening needs.

5. Conjoin metal with Crimping Tool

A less common but highly underrated use of a multitool is being able to conjoin two pieces of metal. Depending on your multitool of choice, you may find a crimping tool. The crimping tool lets you make a stronger connection between two pieces of metal than soldering does. Conjoining can help you fix equipment or help out with home projects.

6. File down wood/metal and sharpen knives

Ever have some rough metal or wood bothering you? Or maybe you have some small splintered wood in your home. You can whip out your multitool and file it down really quick. Most multitools feature a hard-enough file to even let you sharpen blades. Having a quality knife sharpener on you can help in the outdoors, kitchen, and everywhere in between.

7. Tighten and loosen screws

The last use for a multitool on our list is to tighten and loosen screws. This is definitely a fantastic function of a multitool. Whether it's tightening your sunglasses or helping with a carpentry project, you’ll most likely always need a screwdriver. Even though the screwdriver may be small, most of its power comes from your torque.

As you’ve seen, a good multitool packs quite the punch. Many of us tend to not think about all the ways we can use these tools, as we'll typically have (and only use) our go-to tools. We hope this list helped shine some light on the many uses of multitools, and maybe we even convinced you of the convenience of carrying a multitool daily! You’ll find these various uses pop up in your everyday life, and it's definitely nice to have one tool to solve them all!

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